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„Turoń” – a carnival from the region of Nowy Sącz.


„Turoń” – a carnival from the region of Nowy Sącz, in the south of Poland. The  custom has survived until now. It comes from the period when aurochsen („tur” in Polish), dangerous animals, lived in Polish ancient forests. Its main character is „turoń” – a boy dressed in a fur and covered with a lap rug with the head of an auroch on a stick. The  boy is led on a chain by a Gypsy. Other participants are Old Man, Old Woman and a Jew playing music usually on two violins, a clarinet and basses. After reaching a chosen household they would sing songs and recite suitable funny poems to receive treats (cheese, eggs, sausages or money). The  music was on, the ´Turoń´ would dance, play pranks on people, jump around the tables and scare away girls. Exhausted with all that, he would fall to the ground playing dead.

saczEverybody pretended to be crying over the dead body and be feeling pity for him. The y would try to bring back his life by pouring hogwash into his mouth or … blowing under his tail. The  ´turoń´ would ´wake up´ eventually and everybody would rejoice the fact. The y would all commence dancing and singing again. Boys would chase girls, the music would play on, the dancers would shout and stamp their feet as well as sing off-the-cuff songs. Having had a good time and played pranks in one household, they would sometimes move to the ones. Both young and older inhabitants of the village would participate in the celebration all night long. In our performance we show the custom´s unique character and dynamism. We do our best to reflect the character of the region, so we are dressed in garments of indigenous inhabitants of the region („Lachowie Sądeccy” in Polish), which is the most diversified region of Poland when it comes to ornamentation.


Our show lasts about 20 minutes.