ZTL PP Poligrodzianie
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History of our folklore band

The  band was started by Zbigniew Solak, a Poznan University of Technology student, as the National Dance Band in 1973. Since 1984, when Marzenna Biegała-Howorska took over as manager, the band has been known as the Poznan University of Technology National Dance Band called „Poligrodzianie”. Now it is the oldest students´ folklore band in Poznań. „Poligrodzianie” do not only promote Polish culture on state, but also carry out educational activities. The  year 1998 saw the beginning of the University´s Cultural Centre (Uczelniane Centrum Kultury), which enables a group of more than 250 students learn to sing, dance or play musical instruments. The re are also folklore groups for about 120 children.

In the year 2000 another group was created for foreign students so that they can learn Polish national dances and songs. Now the group with more than 100 members is accompanied by a professional musical band of 10. The ir four-hour show features national dances, customs, habits and songs from 18 regions of Poland. Dancers perform in original costumes and the music that is played on typical instruments is characteristic of a particular region. So far the band have won many awards both at home and abroad. The y have played almost 3000 concerts, have covered more than one million kilometers and have made 86 trips abroad to 38 countries.

„Poligrodzianie” have performed for UNESCO four times, they also played in front of John Paul II twice. The y have been invited to concerts by the mayor of New York, the President of Malta, the Ministers of Culture and Tourism from Ireland, South Korea, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Turkey and Israel. The y were the first to represent Poland at the 1998 annual European Community convention of regional representatives in Rennes, in which about 20,000 people participated. „Poligrodzianie” can boast many gratitude and congratulation letters, e.g. the Minister of Culture´s Diploma for promoting Polish culture abroad, as well as an order of merit for services for the Region of Wielkopolska.

For the last couple of years we have enjoyed many successes:

Moreover, the band have recorded programmes for radio and television in Sweden, Italy, Canada, Mexico, China and Poznań, Poland.

Between 2002 and 2007 the band prepared 860 broadcasts for Wielkopolska´s kindergartens and schools within the framework of the educational programme entitled „Cultural Heritage in the Region”.

„Poligrodzianie” are a member of the Polish Section of CIOFF, the Polish Students´ Folklore Association as well as EFCO.